Kimberley Joseph Overview

Kimberley Joseph, born on August 30, 1973, is a Canadian Australian actress now based in the United States. Joseph’s early years were spent in Canada, then Australia’s Gold Coast, and she was educated in Switzerland.

After an incomplete degree at Bond University, Joseph left at 19 to act in the soap opera “Paradise Beach.” With no formal training, she was part of the show for its entire 18-month production.

Following “Paradise Beach,” she worked casually on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” and later co-hosted “Gladiators” on the Seven Network. After three seasons on “Gladiators,” Joseph pursued more acting roles, playing the villain Joanne Brennan in “Home and Away” from 1995 to 1996.

In 1999, Joseph moved to the United States to study acting at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City. After 18 months of auditions in Los Angeles with no success, she landed the role of Jo Ellison in the British series “Cold Feet” in 2001.

Joseph appeared in “Cold Feet” until 2002, then played Dr. Grace Connelly in “All Saints” in 2004. She later scored a recurring role in “Lost” as Cindy Chandler, initially cast for the pilot but brought back for several seasons.

Aside from acting, Joseph has directed a short film to raise awareness of Soviet nuclear testing in Kazakhstan.

Early Life

Kimberley Joseph was born to Canadian businessman Joe and Australian air hostess Wendy in Vancouver, Canada. The family moved to Australia when she was three and later lived in Europe. Kimberley attended a private school in Switzerland, where she became fluent in French and Spanish.

Returning to Australia, she started a combined arts and commerce degree at Bond University but did not finish.


At 19, Kimberley Joseph left university to play Cassie Barsby in “Paradise Beach.” Despite lacking formal acting training, her natural exuberance and energy shone through.

Joseph built acting experience and forged friendships with Raelee Hill, Megan Connolly, and Isla Fisher during the show’s 18-month run. After “Paradise Beach,” she started appearing on the Nine Network’s “Hey Hey It’s Saturday,” initially as a favor to host Daryl Somers.

Without a contract, Joseph’s appearances were informal until the Seven Network offered her a co-host role on “Gladiators.” Her switch to Seven in 1995 sparked a minor scandal.

Joseph found hosting “Gladiators” challenging, especially in front of a live audience. She left after three seasons and some international specials to join “Home and Away,” portraying a villainous secretary from 1995 to 1996.

She also acted in a play alongside Geoffrey Hughes during her stint on “Home and Away.” Post-1999, Joseph sought diverse roles, appearing in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and other shows.

In 1999, Joseph moved to the U.S. to study acting at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York. She then struggled in Los Angeles, relying on savings and taking occasional jobs.

Her break came in 2001 when she auditioned for “Cold Feet” just as she needed to return to Australia for a green card interview. Joseph moved to Manchester, England, joining the main cast and appearing in all episodes of the fourth and fifth series.

After filming ended in 2002, she returned to Australia briefly before moving back to Los Angeles for pilot season in 2004. She then landed a part in “Lost,” where her character survived a plane crash and was named Cindy Chandler.

Joseph’s character appeared intermittently throughout “Lost,” facing challenges such as a hairstyle change that necessitated a headscarf in early season two episodes. She returned for the show’s final season in 2010.

In addition to television, Joseph acted in Ron Howard’s “Frost/Nixon” and “Angels & Demons,” though her scenes were cut from both films.

In 2011, she featured in commercials for HughesNet. By 2013, she appeared in a Linkin Park music video as a Navy SEAL’s widow.

In 2016, Kimberley Joseph, now using the surname ‘Hawryluk,’ appeared on “Restored” as a decorator helping to refurbish a Victorian farmhouse in California.

Personal Life

Kimberley Joseph resides in Los Angeles, where she pursues her acting career. She has actively participated in Aid International projects addressing the impacts of Soviet nuclear testing in Semey, Kazakhstan.

In 2003, she visited the region with Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson and took photographs of radiation poisoning victims. These photographs were displayed in the Scottish Parliament in 2004 and featured in Stevenson’s 2006 book, “Crying Forever.”

Joseph revisited Semey with Stevenson in July 2008 and began developing a documentary to raise global awareness about the region. The documentary, titled “When the Dust Settles,” premiered on November 12, 2009, in Southport, Queensland.

Joseph and her partner, Scott Chrisman, have a son named Gabriel, born in 2013.